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The clever combination of both cotton and linen produces a fabric with a slight texture but a soft feel to it. This medium weight fabric is mostly used in shirts, suits, blouse & dresses.


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Jacquard possesses quality & beauty, with intricate patterns & images woven, often producing an embossed or embroidery resemblance on the fabric.   

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Pasley print cotton jacquard comes in 4 colours, each unique on its own.

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Silk blend jacquard are rich in texture & design, giving it a luxurious, elegant look. Designers love to work their magic on these fabrics, producing modern gowns for the discerning clients.

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A common fabric largely used for wedding/ evening gown or occasional wear, lace is mostly delicate with flora motifs and see through qualities. 


Cotton corded laces have an elegant look & yet portray a character when used on different coloured fabrics. The outlining details of the lace gives a 3D look & is used mainly on wedding gowns or evening gowns.



The fine ground and outline pattern with intricate patterns make up an exquisite piece of lace. Often used as a luxury fabrication on bridal gowns and occasion dresses, these fabric are usually classy and elegant.


Silk satin has a lustrious, soft, smooth & shine surface gives an elegant & feminine look. With the variety of colours, used mainly for the luxe effect, sometimes used as linings for see-through fabrics.

Silk duchess satin is a medium weight fabric that is often used for bridal and evening wear to portray a luxurious and regal look.



Lively prints printed on sheer organza. A light weight fabric suitable for tops, skirts and dresses or luxury upholstery.